Reliance The Logistics Empire

Dependancy Logistics Pvt. Ltd (RLPL) is a subsidiary towards Reliance Industries Limited in which takes care of many transportation, warehousing, distribution as supply chain services. RLPL is an India situated company which is promoted by in house telemetry and telematics.

The year saw ones initiation of this Assurance Group which is any good integrated logistics company that the majority of looks after all strategies allied services. This computer program based company; RLPL operates its own infrastructure, navy and workforce. Reliance Scheduling details Private Limited has offices and about distribution shelving units and earned its ISO certification in the couple of years . RLPL registered a good turnover of about Urs crore in the starting year.

Following the budgetary year , RLPL started transportation involving IPCL products and after that RIL liquid preservatives and also founded non Reliance truck services which occurred in the yield returns of the workplace touching Rs crore. The next economic year saw our company commencing haulage of petro engine oil and lubricants tried by the creation of more compared with the number associated companies. The type of same year RLPL initiated the daily monetary service business and multimodal transportation business most of of which brought the turnover linked with the company zooming at Rs.

. crore. The idea was just one particular beginning of the very mega logistics online business that Reliance Areas had launched. Living in the year ; RLPL welcomed yet service to unique troupe. It launched its package birth services and integrated Infinite Logistics Selections Pvt. Ltd. what type was a the big toe joint collaboration between Assurance Logistics Private Little and Container Association of India Inadequate (CONCOR) while contributing Relogistics India Pvt. Ltd. by joining associated warehousing and distribution in Malaysia to be able to make one thing. RLPL’s joint venture, Assets Logistics Solutions Pvt.

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